Stefan Raab: His projects since he retired from TV

Stefan Raab: His projects since he retired from TV

Stefan Raab
His projects since he retired from TV

Stefan Raab is now only active behind the scenes.

Stefan Raab is now only active behind the scenes.

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Stefan Raab’s “TV total Wok-WM” celebrates a TV comeback. Raab has produced these shows since his “TV total” withdrawal.

Not only “TV Total” celebrated the big TV comeback. Exactly one year after the popular comedy show returned, another one returns Stefan Raab created format. The “TV total Wok-WM” can be seen on November 12 after a seven-year break from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben (or online via Then athletes, stars and celebrities will race towards the sound barrier in a wok in Winterberg.

On December 16, the “TV total Autoball WM” will return. As is well known, behind the ideas of the shows is none other than TV legend Stefan Raab (56). Although the 56-year-old has not appeared in front of TV cameras since retiring from show business in 2015, he continues to act in the background. These shows are his responsibility.


In September 2020, a new music show called “FamkeMaker” was launched ProSieben at the start. In it, Carolin Kebekus (42), Luke Mockridge (33) and Teddy Teclebrhan (39) had to decide and coach candidates without having heard them sing beforehand. The candidates performed under a soundproof glass dome. Only when a member of the jury pulled the lever did the dome rise and the singing could be heard. After that, the coaches had to prepare an appearance for the final with their respective candidates. Tom Neuwirth (33), who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 as Conchita Wurst, took over as moderator. Mockridge won the show in the final with candidate Basti Schmidt. However, the format could not completely convince the viewers. After the first season in 2020, no further episodes of “FameMaker” followed.

“Thing of the Year”

From 2018 to 2020, the inventor show “Das Ding des Jahres” ran on ProSieben’s screens. Stefan Raab not only had the idea for the format, he was also the producer. In “The Thing of the Year” inventors competed against each other in duels. In the final, the audience voted for the best innovation. The winner received prize money of 100,000 euros. In the first season, the winner could look forward to an advertising deal worth 2.5 million euros.

The inventions presented were examined by a team of experts consisting of model Lena Gercke (34), moderator Joko Winterscheidt (43) and Rewe purchasing manager Hans-Jürgen Moog. Amorelie founder Lea-Sophie Cramer (35) has been on board since the second season. The jury made personal recommendations, but the decision was made by the audience. The third and last season went on the air on March 29, 2020. In it, young people competed against each other for the first time, without competition, and presented a total of ten inventions.

“The 1st Headis Team World Championship”

In the course of his career, Stefan Raab developed with the “TV total Wok World Cup” and the “TV total Autoball WM” are two extraordinary sports formats. In March 2020, another followed with “Die 1. Headis Team-WM”. This is a “headball table tennis” tournament. In the sport, two opponents play on one Table tennis table a rubber ball back and forth, but can only use their heads. A total of six teams, each consisting of a Headis professional and a celebrity, competed against each other. Elton (51) acted as moderator. In the end Giovanni Zarella and Headis went -professional “Olaf the Viking” emerged as the winner. So far, it has remained a one-off live show.

“Free European Song Contest”

In 2020, the “Eurovision Song Contest 2020” fell victim to the corona pandemic. Without further ado, Stefan Raab set up an alternative program. In May, ProSieben broadcast the “Free European Song Contest”, or “FreeESC” for short, during prime time. “King of Kotelett” Raab was again on board as a producer and described the show beforehand as “the hour of birth of a new, free European song competition”. The show was moderated by Steven Gätjen (49) and the Austrian ESC winner from 2014, Conchita sausage (33).

15 musicians, including Nico Santos (29) and Sarah Lombardi (29), started and represented their respective home countries. In the end, Nico Santos, representing Spain, took home the first trophy. In 2021, Rea Garvey (49) won for Ireland. After a 2022 hiatus, the show is scheduled to return in 2023 with a third edition.

“Freshly Roasted Daily”

Just two months after the “Free European Song Contest 2020” Stefan Raab announced another TV project – but not for his long-standing regular broadcaster ProSieben. From November 2020, the entertainer produced the late-night show “Daily freshly roasted” exclusively for the TVNow streaming service. Initially, the show’s host moved from show to show. The first prominent host was Ralf Moeller (63). In every episode of late night, the celebrity host got a celebrity roaster. That means the host was “insulted with verbal attacks, in a playful way”. The well-known live streamer Jens “Knossi” Knossalla (36) did best. From January 2021 he continued the format as a permanent moderator. After the show even moved to linear television on RTL, the show was discontinued in April 2021 after 40 episodes.

“RTL Diving”

Three shows penned by Stefan Raab are celebrating their comeback this year. However, while the “TV total Wok-WM” and the “TV total Autoball WM” can still be seen on Raab’s former home broadcaster ProSieben, the entertainer’s legendary diving event recently moved to RTL. The celebrity diving competition was held on ProSieben from 2004 to 2015. In 2013, RTL broadcast four episodes of “Die Pool Champions – Promis unter Wasser” with a similar concept and promptly got caught up in a copyright dispute with the production company of the original format. In 2022, the Cologne-based private broadcaster then officially teamed up with Stefan Raab, who acted as a producer behind the scenes of “RTL Turmouncing”. Ten celebrities competed against each other in individual jumping and seven celebrity duos in synchronized jumping. It is not yet known whether there will be another edition next year.


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